Tag: Inner Thoughts

The Journey Home

by Vicky Lee Flannery

It was almost 5 pm she had been waiting to get the heck out of the office since about 3 o’clock… it had been a long day. Finally quitting time came and as she walked out of her the front doors of her office, the slightly cool air tinged her cheeks. She began to walk across the street to the parking lot and as she shoes crashed against the ground she noticed it was fairly quiet outside. As she started to descend the stairs leading to the parking lot were her car was parked, and a familiar sound caught her attention. The sounds of children playing, it was coming from the baseball/soccer field across from the parking lot. Kids laughing and talking as the couches’ whistle blows off in the distance.

The sound brought back a flood of memories for her and she was instantly transported back in time to her own childhood.  Playing wiffle ball on the street in front of her house. The ever popular “CAR!” being shouted by one of her friends as everybody got out of the street, for a few moments, as the car drove by.  Then the game was back on and kids would be laughing and talking, the inevitable ball getting hit up onto old man Joe’s porch. Old man Joe lived on the 2nd floor and he would keep the balls that got hit up there. None of the kids liked him because he was mean to them.

Suddenly a horn honked and she was ripped back to reality,

“Hey there, you okay?”  her co-worker Debbie said.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine, I was just thinking I guess.”  she replied with a smile.

“Well okay then I’ll see you tomorrow.” Debbie said as she was driving away.

“Bye”, she said to herself softly.

A whistle blows again and the sound of parents cheering erupts from the sidelines. The army of colorful chairs lined up like soldiers on the front line.  This sound took her mind to her own children and the days of carrying her own chairs to the soccer field. There was always that parent that was a bit too into the game.  He or she would run along the sideline while their poor kid was trying to play.

“Kick the ball!” they would scream

“Come on you’re the best, you can do it!” they would yell to their child.

If the kid missed it they would be the ones all pissed off about it.  I couldn’t stand those parents and the kids always seemed shocked by the way they were acting. It was the same way with any sport the kids played, baseball, football, soccer, wrestling, as well as cross-country. There is always the over excited parent, and the kid embarrassed on the field.

As she stuck the key the lock of her car all the faces of her kids flashed before her eyes. All the sports days are over now and they are all grown up, couple are married, 3 in college, but none the less those days are done.

As she looked over at the chairs lined up she thought well, the grandchildren will play one day, and she smiled to herself, as she got into her car.  Suddenly the feelings of nostalgia were disappearing from her mind, as she pulled out of the parking lot and started the journey home.